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06-Jan-2020 15:53

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Sometimes just saying it out loud — what you want to do together — instead of actually doing it, is sexually satisfying.If you find yourself getting way too horny doing that (totally understandable), do activities that keep your mind off of sex in general.“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac A while back I began to feel out of sorts with my writing.

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If you are single and you are having sex with a married* woman, you are, at best, a fool, and at worst, an idiot and an asshole. That's fine, I guess, if you're using her too, and are the kind of person who objectifies others, and really doesn't give a shit about the concept of marriage or any other people.” it asked, “Just write something different and submit the other to someone else!” It was the voice of my muse, the very same one who had helped me to write that first post.For me I begin to feel an uprising of the “you’re not good enough” gremlins inside me when this happens. ” belted out a voice inside with the force of a 2 year-old having a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way.

I remember when this happened after something I submitted online was not accepted. But then another voice from deep within countered it with an equally persistent protest: “Why?

Hopefully, if you have a crazy, mad love for her, she'll lie to you and tell you she's single and/or it's an open marriage, and you can just be a garden variety fool for love, instead of a flaming asshole. It's soooo enticing..real complications, super-sexy to sneak around... Maybe that's true when you're young, and it seems like great sex is worth all kinds of risk. People with integrity, people who are worth romantic entanglements, don't cheat.

Should I feel bad about having sex with a married woman. I had no doubt as to his sincerity. You should feel bad for having sex with a married woman or man.… continue reading »

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