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03-Aug-2020 10:32

“And these stories courageously break all three in a significantly public way – including airing as part of one of the most listened to podcasts in the country.

I’m so proud of Rainy, Destiny and Mari for being willing to share their experiences and potentially help other young people in similar situations, as well as parents and educators.

But on the rare occasions she went to school, Rainy kept recording the diary of her experience, as confused as anyone as to why she felt compelled to stay.Mari Santos’s older sister Alison always went out with the same type of guys: controlling, possessive and self-centered.Mari just figured that when you’re in a relationship, you cry, argue and break up every few weeks.Then Mari joined Relationship Abuse Prevention Program, a school-based peer education group run by the city.

The more she learned, Mari realized her sister was actually in an abusive relationship and Mari stopped feeling so frustrated and started to worry.

She’s afraid to actually speak with her sister about her concerns, but winds up having their first open and honest conversation about it on tape.

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