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31-Jul-2020 20:21

My mom threatens to never see me again and to cut me out of her will. Having twice failed at marriage is far more serious than the age issue.My family believes this woman is out to get me, and that I don't need someone twice-married and 16 years older. You need to make sure that a long-term relationship could stand on solid ground.I tell them we get along well and I enjoy her kids very much. Which means you have lots of information-gathering to do.You should be talking to your girlfriend about her past. If she's blaming her exes, view it as a danger sign; it means you'll be the next target.There's little reason to doubt that you love this woman, but you need to know that secrecy drives much of the passion in such situations.It's hard to recognize such forces when you are being being whipped around by them. Yes, it makes everyone queasy because your girlfriend is probably closer in age to your parents than to you.When you deal with a woman who has kids, she isn't looking to mother you — she wants to know she can be vulnerable and will be taken care of.

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And by the way, how long did she wait between ending each marriage and starting a new relationship?

Being a good mom means you have to grow up quickly.

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