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12-Apr-2020 21:25

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Tinder is (for many, at least), about , and social imperatives tell us that the successful pursuit of love is an intrinsic element of - or even synonymous with - living a fulfilled and happy life.

Keeping in touch with friends and family, or knowing which artisan cafe served their avocado on spelt this morning is certainly important, but it is unsurprising that finding the person with whom one becomes "one tree and not two," as Louis de Bernieres describes in , would occupy more of one's time.

In this sense, Tinder hasn't changed the nature of dating or set love on a causal path to ruin.

What it has done is highlight and encourage attitudes that might be better unencouraged.

If the relationship stays in the space of the chat, it cannot generate erotic or romantic love - these require an interaction with the embodied person.

However, by the time the physical meeting between the two potential lovers has occurred, Tinder has already set a dynamic that is directly opposed to the generation of love - .

For many, Tinder simply represents a real and convenient pathway to a romantic relationship.The Tinder partner is judged by a certain condition set and is accepted .If he or she fails to fulfil the conditions promised, the relationship will end.So reads the slogan of one of the world's most populated and powerful apps.