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23-May-2020 05:22

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Also talk to your mom or dad if you're having trouble with your classes.It could be that you're just a little rusty after that long summer. Sometimes it's not, like when you're in the middle seat on a long car ride. It's called middle school because it's in the middle of your school years. For a kid, going to middle school often is a big change: All of that can make you feel a bit scared on the first day of school.But sometimes it is, like when you're in the middle of a great movie. Other things that probably will be different are the teachers and the work.You probably know your locker combination, where your assigned seat is in all your classes, where the bathrooms are, and how to get to the cafeteria. If so, find a buddy who goes to gym at the same time and walk together.If you find you're having trouble with schoolwork or friends, don't panic but do get help.What if your best friend isn't in any of your classes and you never see him or her?

You also might want to find out when your lunch is.

You're growing up and you get to build on all that learning you already did in elementary school.

You'll also probably be learning some new and different stuff in middle school — like foreign languages, more advanced courses in computer technology, music and art, health, and life skills, such as cooking.

You'll feel terrible by mid-morning, just when you need your energy and brain power to navigate your new school. Check in with friends you know and try to be brave and say "hi" to other new kids. Say "hello." You'll be seeing a lot of each other this year!

On your way out the door, take everything you need and try to remember that this is a big adventure. In class, listen to what the teacher says and take notes because it's hard to remember everything.

Another great way to get oriented is to attend a concert or sporting event at your new school. Ask them about any problems they had and ask if they could help you if you need it when you get there.

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