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Then the butt end of the ax was used to fracture her lower left jaw and her upper left collarbone.

The vicious attack sent Katie to the kitchen floor in a bloody heap.

Since there was no one who could confirm or deny her story the police had to find another way to get at the truth.

In her closet they found the dress that Margaret was wearing the day of the murder. Even if the blood was Katie’s, it didn’t necessarily mean that Margaret was a killer.

He said he phoned Samuel Hayden for a reference, but his call could have been interpreted as an attempt to extort money from his former boss for his firing.

Rutherford was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder.

I don’t know how many times I struck her after that. .” Margaret may have lost count of the blows it took to shatter Katie’s skull, but Dr.

Newbarr, who conducted Katie’s autopsy, said that the sharp end of the ax had been used to inflict 20 to 30 cuts to her head and face.

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He said that one of Margaret’s male friends, with whom she had recently quarreled, had been located and was able to account for his whereabouts. The police weren’t entirely satisfied with Margaret’s description of events.

“I stood over her for more than 10 minutes,” Margaret said.