Dating an old rich man

16-Mar-2020 09:22

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Bannatyne is 534th on the Sunday Times Rich List, with an estimated total wealth of £175m, and rakes it in from hotels, health clubs, spas, media, TV, stage schools, property and transport. Nigora, meanwhile, is from Uzbekistan and works as a treatment coordinator at the Harley Street dentist where Bannatyne has his choppers fixed.

Now, despite them having been an item for just three weeks (they met three months ago), Bannatyne, calling himself “an excited schoolboy,” has announced he plans to marry her.

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(My wife has a masters degree and makes six figures.)If you’re insulting me by saying the only reason a younger woman could possibly want to be with me is because of my money, fuck you. The reasons people love each other are as varied and complex as we all are. Perfect example: While I might wonder about the reasons why older people sometimes find themselves in love with younger people, I wouldn’t have chosen your words to ask the question. Maybe…I wasn’t worldly enough to know I wasn’t worldly.

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(While I do make a very good living, I definitely wasn’t rich when we began dating.)My wife is one of the most awesome, kind, funny, wonderful people I’ve ever met.

They also prefer a woman with a great personality over one with ambition—success is kind of a turnoff, apparently.

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