Dating a single dad with kids

11-Feb-2020 21:08

My dad, a white man, is writing the entire thing secretly; she hasn’t told her publisher that a ghostwriter is involved, and he is getting no compensation or recognition as she goes around telling everyone that she’s the only woman of this ethnic group to write a book on the subject.• She’s rude and cruel to me in front of others at meetings, events, and on conference calls.

Once when I said the way she was talking to me was making me flustered, she yelled that this is how she manages people, that I perceive things the wrong way, and that it’s a problem with me.• She is always coming up with elaborate rumors about our out-of-state staff.

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I’ve been depressed for months, but I’ve reached a new level of desperation.I was constantly terrified of doing something that would make her dump my father.In the months since, my dad has moved in, and they started seeing a couples counselor (Jill constantly threatens to end their relationship).In six months, I applied to 275 jobs and didn’t get a single interview.

I was desperate for work when my dad said Jill needed a new executive assistant.

I don’t get paid extra for this; she says that would be unfair to the organization.

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