Children dating too young

03-Jun-2020 17:40

You see a 6- or 8-year-old girl wearing a miniskirt and tights and 1-inch-heel boots. Which does not mean that they understand it.” Indeed, it’s most likely they don’t understand it, experts say, and that’s causing a new problem: young children who sound far less innocent than they really are.

They’re emulating TV shows that they’re watching.” Sexy talk That emulation can produce some pretty upsetting results, as one former Seattleite writes: “Last week, Kate’s first-grade friends started a ‘sexy club’ at recess. “They use language that seems very provocative,” says Metzger, “but I think those are kids trying out words that they get exposed to.

Recent news reports and research about the increased sexualization of children leave parents wondering what is happening to kids these days —and what they can do to stop it.

But sexy clothes for little kids — the topic of much parental outrage just a few years ago — appear to be on the wane.A recent survey of retailers such as Justice, Abercrombie & Fitch, and even Victoria’s Secret turned up far fewer options of the “hottie” variety than were seen just two years ago.Gone are many of the girls’ T-shirts emblazoned with “Flirt” and “I love boys.” Much more common now?It means ‘I like you.’ And second-graders have been saying that for years — it’s a perfectly normal second-grade thing,” says Metzger.

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“But they are using language that has a certain meaning to us as adults.

“There’s a trivialization of sex in our media,” says veteran sex educator Julie Metzger, whose “For Girls Only” class at Seattle Children’s hospital has been a rite of passage for local girls for nearly 20 years.