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No, they are not completely a gimmick because electric water ionizers create hydrogen gas (H2) at the cathode during electrolysis and the natural water ionizers create H2 when water interacts with elemental magnesium.It is the H2 that is responsible for all of the health benefits. While alkaline water ionizers produce lots of H2, they are not very efficient at keeping the H2 in the water.I have used an EOS machine in my lab for years and it performs as well or better than all the other machines.If you have soft water where you live, the EOS is definitely superior to other machines because of all the bioceramics they have in their filters.Their HIM products have been selling for ,000 through an affiliate sales team.Affiliate networks sell for much lower prices than MLM teams because you only pay one or two levels of sales of commissions instead of 6 to 8 or more levels of commissions with MLM networks.

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That means they can pour water into the holding container on the top from a pitcher instead of hooking the unit up to a tap.

It didn’t take long for the HIM competitors to drop the price to the ,000 level where they have remained for the past couple of years.

One of the hydrogen companies (see that I have been following closely for a couple of years sells a number of high quality H2 products including the HIM2 (above counter) and HIM3 (under counter) hydrogen water units.

If you want really clean water as well as ionized water, there is a new product coming out shortly that is amazing.

It sells for 5 and I think will change the industry.

The commissions are so high for Enagic’s machines that it behooves the soldiers to give water away to anybody that asks.

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