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It didn’t take him long to embrace the superlative, though: he was voted “Thinks He’s the Funniest” in high school.

COMEDY WAS “a survival mechanism” for Day, who spent his adolescence, when he was “tiny and covered in freckles,” absorbing the works of far-flung funnymen from W. Fields and Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen and Chris Farley. outfielder Rickey Henderson, would stop by the local park for a game of catch.

His older sister (and lone sibling), Alice, has a Ph. in music, making him the only family member without a degree in the field. jumping into his parents’ 1985 Honda Accord for the six-hour drive to Philadelphia, where his paternal grandmother lived.

THOSE MUSIC-MINDED relatives call him Charles, but he’s always preferred Charlie—one of the many nicknames he’s had, including “Charlie Trombone” and “Chuck Hustle.”CHRISTMAS MORNINGS as a child involved running down the stairs of his family’s tiny blue home, in Middletown, grabbing his Christmas stocking, and . With no radio in the car, family-sung Christmas carols or sibling quarrels provided the trips’ soundtracks.

THESE DAYS he makes the hour-long commute from his Hollywood Hills home to his Westside office in an Audi Allroad station wagon, which has “radio up the wazoo.” He listens to audiobooks (most recently, Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography) but sometimes misses that 1985 radio-less Accord.

FX picked up the comedy, and , about a handful of self-involved bar rats and their depraved exploits, was born.I figured, Charlie is such a good name for the character, let’s stick with it. Well, I have never gotten drunk and refereed a basketball game, but I have gotten drunk and I have played basketball, so there you go.Your wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, plays the waitress on the show. Oftentimes, I think we joke around at home in various characters, or in the characters of the show.I recently got to talk with Charlie Day, one of the creators/writers/stars of Always Sunny and picked his brain a bit about the series, his director Fred Savage, and his wife — who plays the waitress Charlie is obsessed with on the show.

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There's another new episode of Always Sunny tonight at PM on FX, and until then, you can check out what I learned from Charlie if you How much of the show is scripted and how much is improvised? I think the ad-libbing style and the feel both come from the way we acted on the set and also from the style of acting that we have adopted for this particular show. Once we feel comfortable with a take or two, we will start to get a little bit looser with the dialogue and deconstruct a little bit of what we wrote to see if there are different and funnier ways to say what we’d written.NEW YORK City’s KGB Bar was the setting of the couple’s first evening together, in December 2001.There, Day arm-wrestled a friend, who was also interested in Ellis, to determine who would talk to her first. HIS MORNING alarm is the couple’s three-year-old son, Russell, who was named, in part, for Ellis’s family friend who performed their 2006 wedding ceremony.I would say at the end of day, about 20% stays in and the rest of it is the scripted version of the show.

Nov 8, 2012. In the real world, these two have been dating for a few months, and with one look at Alexis. Character names Charlie Kelly & The Waitress… continue reading »

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