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03-Mar-2020 06:42

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Someone in the previous thread posted that Crosby showed evidence of being brain damaged in an interview. Where else is it okay to legally cause a co-worker to get a concussion? Why'd you link to a page that's just brimming with mental illness, R22? I don't know if any of it is true, R23, but it seems to be a summary of all the different gossip that is out there.

People were saying Mario Lemieux was a homo before Sidney Crosby was even born.

They were at the combine together and got drafted the same year with Johnson to the Kings. He was a fan favorite at Yost and had a reputation for being a ladies' man in Ann Arbor. Especially when it comes to something that affects your life.

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He knocked up his then girlfriend with Sid, and shortly afterwards his career ended. The messages Sid must have picked up from him about women beyond "wait to date until after your career" are probably not too helpful. I can only speak for the quality of the guys there, which has always been good. Those guys are way smarter than the football or basketball players (i.e. Really nice try with key terms in Michigan scattered throughout the entire post. You're trying WAY too hard to prove "something".[quote]Jack played at Michigan for two years, not one, and I know for a fact he got laid all the time, by different girls. It was cute.[quote]I can only speak for the quality of the guys there, which has always been good. Nope, and neither have you.[quote] Those guys are way smarter than the football or basketball players (i.e. You're obsessed.r50 troll (& 41,43,46,47,49,52) - now to say Jack Johnson doesn't have money is a flat-out misrepresentation. Why are people so insistant that it is strange that a young, hot, hockey player doesn't have a gf? If they have sex with women they don't know who are trying to cash in, it could cost a lot of $$$You all need to get out more, hockey players like any other young guy wants to get laid. There are stories of girls being snucked into locker rooms post games to 'relieve' players, and girls being sneaked into their hotel rooms.

The obscene manner in which it juts out and magnetically draws the eyes towards it regardless of one's gender or orientation.

That is quite a feminizing, objectifying quality and I think Recker's butt has that in spades.

One thing is true - everyone seems to agree that Sidney Crosby is hiding something, whether it is a secret gay life or a wild pussyhound existence.[quote]We all saw “Marketa’s” Czech language blog where she discloses to the world that Sidney Crosby uses escorts, sees women as an place to put his “stick” and beat his girlfriend. Christ, she is one of the CRAZIEST people I've known on the internet. I don't know when they would have otherwise had the occasion to play together. Jack Johnson only played 2 years at the University of Michigan.

She's a persistent loon who is a self-proclaimed model, clothing designer and former girlfriend of important people such as Czech footballers and Prince William. Google search for images has her pictures (one linked) and loads of pictures of a model who was named as a girlfriend of Crosby's by virtue of having been photographed walking behind him once. After prep school, Crosby played junior hockey in Canada and Johnson played college hockey in Michigan. He was originally drafted by the Carolina Panthers, but they traded his rights to the Kings when he wouldn't sign after his freshman year at Michigan.

I saw a program on him a few years ago and he talked about some of the French background he has and that the Francophone players were surprised that he speaks French.