Brian austin green dating history

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She was not sure exactly where her homeland was located, but another 'luminous' land could be seen across a 'considerable river' separating it from theirs.She remembered that one day they were looking after their father's herds in the fields and had followed them into a cavern, where they heard the loud sound of bells.However, there is a Wakes Colne Manor in neighboring Essex Agnes supposedly marrying a senior ambassador to Henry II is unclear.

However the details of this event are almost exactly the same as in the Woolpit case and the story seems to originate with John Macklin in his book Strange Destinies (1965).

In contrast, William of Newburgh, living in a remote Yorkshire monastery, would not have had such first-hand knowledge of events, though he did use contemporary historical sources, as is indicated when he says 'I was so overwhelmed by the weight of so many and such competent witnesses'.

Richard de Calne and his house at 'Wikes' have never been traced.

They wandered around bewildered for a few minutes, before being discovered by the reapers and taken to the village.

Here the locals gathered round and questioned them, but no-one was able to understand the language the children spoke, so they were taken to the house of local landowner Sir Richard de Calne (or Colne), a few miles away at Wikes (or Wakes).

As can be seen from the dates, both authors recorded the incident many years after it was supposed to have taken place.