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In an address to the nation, President Ronald Reagan proposes that the United States embark on a program to develop antimissile technology that would make the country nearly impervious to attack by nuclear missiles.Reagan’s speech marked the beginning of what came to be known as the controversial Strategic Defense...” Following the signing of the American Declaration of...On this day in 1862, at the First Battle of Kernstown, Virginia, Confederate General Thomas J.It was the worst of five twisters that struck that day in Nebraska and Iowa, killing 115 people in total. Benito Mussolini, an Italian World War I veteran and publisher of Socialist newspapers, breaks with the Italian Socialists and establishes the nationalist Fasci di Combattimento, named after the Italian peasant revolutionaries, or “Fighting Bands,” from the 19th century.Commonly known as the Fascist Party, Mussolini’s new right-wing organization advocated Italian...

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A horrible month for weather-related disasters in the United States culminates with a devastating tornado ripping through Nebraska, near Omaha, on this day in 1913.The Breedlove Quartz mandolin line was intended to deliver performance without the costs associated with elaborate decoration.These instruments make use if quality woods and materials, but lack binding and have satin finishes; both binding and gloss finishes can dramatically increase production time and costs, and don’t necessarily increase an instrument’s quality.These models also use a bolt-on neck design rather than a dovetail, and this not only helps in production but in the event a neck reset is required, costs are dramatically lower.

A hardshell case is included with the Breedlove Quartz A-Style Mandolin.Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexico’s ruling party’s presidential candidate, is gunned down during a campaign rally in the northern border town of Tijuana.As a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the political party that held power in Mexico for most of the 20th century, Colosio became the protÝgÝ of future...By the time James Cameron took the stage to accept his Academy Award for Best Director on the night of March 23, 1998, the Oscar dominance of his blockbuster film Titanic was all but assured.

Jan 12, 2018. Here we have a Breedlove Quartz A-Style mandolin dating to 2002 and. Serial Number 4767; Country of Origin USA; Condition Good; Date.… continue reading »

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