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12-May-2020 13:57

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So, I decided to use up my already paid membership and then I tried to cancel it, seemingly simple process via thei site by sending cancelation request. Thinking that all was good I also instructed CC provider to cancel this reoccurring payment order, which the bank did.

My advice - do not leave the cancelation until last minute as I did and keep all such correspondence with them!!!

Since it hit the dating market in 2004, the online Dating site Be2 has become a source of reference for thousands of singles from across the globe and currently is one of the fastest-growing dating websites in New Zealand as well.

More than 30 million singles around the world have trusted Be2’s services, the leading matchmaking dating site.

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We bring this expertise to bear in providing the best information about b2 uk and other sites.Diverse views and experiences are at the heart of our constant effort to keep our service current.When you wish to give personal feedback on b2 uk please e-mail us and let us know.How come every member on your site have a Masters, Bachelors, wife died, only one child living. I wish I had researched these comments before parting with money. I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get (some of) my money back. ) was really unsatisfactory feedback: Issue 3 - why does it say that I am a premium member, when I am still only in the process of completing my profile? Its better than most sites and not having any problems with scammers so far. Yes I have a question relating to the AREA section of my profile.

This site is a disgrace to the human race, and should be closed down. Issue 4 - why can I not see my account details in relation to my membership? Port Macquarie was my closest city according to you...

I am now facing debt collection agency and legal action threats as they never received my cancelation notice, so they said. Cancel in advance before your renewal is due so if there is a problem you have enough time to deal with it.