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For example, if you certify over the Internet on Sunday, you will receive your benefits by Tuesday. How can I find out the balance of my UI claim and the tax amount that was withheld year to date without calling the Reemployment Call Center? If you certified for your benefits online at gov/labor/ui you will receive a confirmation screen after the payment process.

The confirmation screen provides the gross and net amount of your payment, the amount deducted for any refunds or garnishments, tax withheld on your payment, and tax withheld year to date.

Please note, the Division will continue to interact with customers using mailed notices and telephone interviews on most matters regarding their unemployment claim. There are no state or federal extension programs at this time. You have the right to appeal the determination by following the instructions on the bottom of the form. Why do I have a refund on my claim when I filed only last week? If, in the past, you received any unemployment benefits to which you were not entitled, the Division may recover the overpaid unemployment benefits by using your current benefits. You can make an electronic payment at You can avoid collection activities (except for the recoupment of future benefits) by either repaying the debt in full or establishing and maintaining a monthly installment agreement.

If you do not supply an email address, you will receive communication and have your appointments the same manner as you do now. Are there any state or federal extension programs at this time? If a state or federal extension program becomes available in the future, information will be provided at that time. If you did receive any unemployment benefits to which you were not entitled, you should have received a determination stating the reason and the amount you were overpaid. If I owe a refund, can I make an electronic payment? The E-payment service allows for both credit card and e-check payments. The BPC-404 monthly mailer lists the formal dollar amount required to pay on a monthly basis and also allows for the submission of a formal monthly agreement with your restitution payment.

If you have applied, received or expect to receive a pension, a claims examiner appointment will be scheduled to discuss the pension.

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If you are permanently separated from that employer and your alien status has not changed, you cannot legally work for another employer and you would be ineligible for benefits.

If you move to a neighboring locality in New York, Pennsylvania or Delaware (within commuting distance of New Jersey), you may change your address by telephoning a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center at the regular telephone numbers. You are required to call the telephone number on the hearing notice to register your participation in the hearing no later than PM the business day prior to your scheduled hearing. If you believe your claim should be backdated, mention it to the agent when you file your claim by telephone. If you are employed full-time, you cannot file an unemployment claim.

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