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Tal Verrar's entire economy is now based on fucking with us.” ― Scott Lynch, “Donegan Bane and Gracious O'Callahan - the Monster Hunters.

Adventurers, inventors, authors of Monster Hunting for Beginners and it's sequels, Monster Hunting for Beginners is Probably Inadvisable and Seriously, Dude, Stop Monster Hunting.” ― Derek Landy, “Sure, some find gunning down unsuspecting, innocent animals to be a real hoot.

Also, a running chainsaw mysteriously fell on him from a hayloft.

""I've a knife in my boot," she said, and then wondered, for a moment, if she could throttle a moose with her bare hands.” ― Kristin Cashore, “Know something?

I'd lay even odds that between the people following us and the people hunting us, we've become this city's principle means of employment.

He would never get that pinkie toe back.” ― Molly Harper, “Hunting and fishing involve killing animals with devices (such as guns) for which the animals have not evolved natural defenses.

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No animal on earth has adequate defense against a human armed with a gun, a bow and arrow, a trap that can maim, a snare that can strangle, or a fishing lure designed for the sole purpose of fooling fish into thinking they have found something to eat” ― Marc Bekoff, “I do not like the killers, and the killing bravely and well crap.They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.” ― Ellen De Generes “You won't even take your bow?Are you planning to throttle a moose with your bare hands, then?This is a collection of stupid quotes from singer John Mayer, from his sex life with Jessica Simpson to his self pleasure rituals.