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The site is now counting down to the broadcast, and is promising a special event after the broad...― The official website for TV Tokyo's Ani Tele app revealed on Wednesday that it will begin streaming the first two episodes of the "Yōkoso Japari Park" "original short story" on August 12 at p.m.

The first episode will be available to users with free memberships.

As it turns out, that's an entire race of yokai – vampires.

Perhaps it's his more human attributes, or simply h...― After focusing exclusively on the youth of Alita and Erica during volume 1, Mars Chronicle shifts to a present-day focus for volume 2, looking at the adult characters and what happens after the events of Last Order. film series, announced via his management agency that he married a long-time girlfriend.

The four main cast members with new visuals include: Kento Kaku as Takashi Mitsuha...

(Pokémon the Movie: Everyone's Story), the 21st film in the Pokémon franchise, opened on July 13 in 364 theaters in Japan, and it ranked #2 in its opening weekend.

This is not really a game to play for a few seconds, I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to explore all the possibilities so you don't miss one.

My absolute favorite is that you can add as many characters as you can cram on the screen!

Maybe it's because I've been in the anime business so long (20 years!!

The video introduces the features unique to the game, including Team Attacks, the Geo System, character creation, the high level and damage cap, and the ab...