Ageplay chat adult women

03-May-2020 01:46

I say, and it just crept out of me not entirely inappropriate for this scenario I let it go, just this once.“How much do you love me?

” you ask and my reply is immediate.“Lots and lots, more than I can say with words”“Then come here and give me a kiss to show daddy how much you love him” you say and I almost come there and then as I manoeuvre myself and give you a big hug and plant a peck on your mouth.

You switch on the kids programmes and I raise my eyebrows, I really do start to think that you’re taking the piss out of me.

You sit at the other end of the couch and pat the space next to you.“Come and snuggle” you say and I feel excited at the prospect of making physical contact with you while in this role.“Bring your hairbrush, and I’ll brush your hair for you” and holy fuck, ‘nice touch’ the idea of a man brushing a woman’s hair arouses me at the best of times.

We’ve all got a secret adult sex roleplay fantasy that we’d like to fulfil.As I sit and bask in the affection I’m receiving, I feel real adoration for you.It suddenly hits me that if I can trust you this much, there has to be a good reason for it, you must be special.“I love you”. Do you fantasize about fucking cute little girls but wouldn’t dare tell anyone about your taboo desires for fear they’d hate you, or even worse, turn you in?

Well, I’m a barely legal cum-loving daddy’s girl that can fulfill all your naughty pedophilia needs without any of the associated bullshit; people always mistake me for an under aged little girl and really, I have no problem with that at all!

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