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Compared to the pathetic, boot-licking performance of President Trump... The Liberty Pole is based on a true event that took place in Holmes Hole (present day Tisbury) on Martha's Vineyard sometime between 17.Politics President Donald Trump tried on Tuesday to calm a storm over his failure to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for meddling in the 2016 U. As the story indicates, Tisbury was sympathetic to...Fisher Cats/EL The New Hampshire Fisher Cats revealed in between games of Wednesday's doubleheader with the Trenton Thunder that third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Editorials President Donald Trump has a nasty habit of attacking our allies and coddling our enemies. The funds that fuel political campaigns do not care where they came from, and for the most part, neither do the candidates.People who thought a weak and dying Roosevelt gave away too much to the Russians at Yalta in World War II may want to reconsider.WHERE WE DO IT Located in the Hydrostone area, the boutique features a gallery and workshop warehouse in back.“We’re professional artists, this is what we do for a living,” says Cook.WHO WE ARE “We started the collective last September,” says Michael Burt, co-owner with Joey Cook of The Blackbook Collective.“He was doing a lot of large-scale murals, I was doing commissioned artwork; we linked up through that.” Advocates for legal painting, the duo opened the art supply shop and gallery at 5540 Kaye Street at the end of May.

“The line between street art and fine art is invisible, especially now, with Banksy,” says Cook.

In this powerful book, accomplished journalist Jonetta Rose Barras breaks the code of silence and gives voice to the experiences of America's fatherless women–starting with herself.

""Bell Hooks addresses the inner well-being of black women and how their development is shaped by the daily assault of institutionalized structures of domination.

Through its deft negotiation of race, class, gender and cultural change, it dramatizes the 'nervousness' of the 'postcolonial' conditions that bedevil us still.

In Tambu and the women of her family, we African women see ourselves, whether at home or displaced, doing daily battle with our changing world with a mixture of tenacity, bewilderment, and grace.""Alice Walker's weaves an intricate mosaic of women joined by their love for each other, the men who abuse them, and the children they care for.They also work with local groups and schools teaching kids how to spray paint; the goal is always to beautify and respect the community.“I’ll tell you right now, the people destroying the city don’t buy paint from us,” says Cook.“We get jobs and stuff, too, so we like to have as many artists on hand as possible.” Of course, Burt and Cook also work outside—with the collective, they recently painted a new legal wall in Hubley.