10 mistakes women make dating men

12-Jan-2020 14:22

It’s about reciprocation and putting one another first.

If you’re not doing that, you’re more interested in taking than giving, and healthy relationships aren’t about taking. You need to figure out what exactly you bring to the table for him and then understand his love language to see whether he even values what you’re offering. You Create Drama Instead Of Memories As I said earlier, men are relatively simple creatures who navigate the world via logic and reason — it just doesn’t make sense to be all worked up constantly.

In fact, he takes great pride in it and will oftentimes even willingly risk his health or life in order to do that effectively.

In fact, elderly men who seemingly “lose their purpose” or ability to provide as effectively after retirement may spiral into depression, suffer anxiety or even die prematurely when they no longer feel “needed.” Those two things are that hard-wired into masculine energy that they are a matter of life and death.

We all have our own unique challenges related to the way we see and interact with the world around us.

The good news is that a lot of our issues could be avoided if more people were aware of the huge differences in how men and women navigate the world.

I care enough to level with you so you can actually have all the love you truly deserve. You Over-Rely On Your Masculine Energy Many of my clients are highly successful women and well known in their communities.

The problem only gets dramatically worse if they’re divorced or are single parents because in order to be the sole provider or protector, too, their entire day is spent living in their masculine, achiever energy.

While that may be effective in paying the bills, when you spend too much time there, it’s nearly impossible to transition out of that and re-embrace your feminine energy again.

The fact is, if you can do it all by yourself, a man will look at you and see no role for himself; unless, of course, he’s looking for a sugar mama.

Let’s be clear: this will keep you single until it changes.

Ironically, the thing that will keep you stuck here for years (or even decades) is that no man can really respect a woman who will allow him to treat her so shabbily, so this truly is a self-inflicted wound.

If you think the term “gold digger” sounds bad, consider how it feels to be on the receiving end of that kind of behavior.

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